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Jun. 26th, 2010



Volunteer Internship Opportunity: UCP-SARnet Associate Editors

Join the UCP-SARnet Leadership Team!

University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research Network (UCP-SARnet) is announcing a volunteering, un-paid internship opportunity for college students. UCP-SARnet affiliates students, university faculty, community activists and governmental officials engaged worldwide in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The network provides a platform for the multicultural exchange of visions, ideas and best practices aimed at MDGs. For more information about the network please visit: http://ucpsarnet.asu.edu

During the internship, students will serve on the UCP-SARnet's Executive Team as Assistant Editors for at least one semester. Each Assistant Editor is expected to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Attend Leadership Team monthly meetings/conference calls;
  • Monitor the UCP-SARnet mailbox on a daily basis and respond to messages tagged to your personal attention, or forward to the appropriate contact;
  • Serve as the contact person for at least four pre-determined countries, which entails maintaining regular correspondence with Regional Coordinators, assisting Regional Coordinators with any questions or problems related to their work, editing and maintaining the content of the country page on the UCP-SARnet website.
  • Monitor and facilitate/organize the discussion forum and the contents of the folder related to one pre-determined United Nations Millennium Development Goal on the UCP-SARnet website;
  • Participate in the organization of one major project undertaken by the Partnership per semester;
  • Recruit at least five new members per semester;
  • Complete weekly timetable reports.

ASU students can also receive PGS399 or PGS499 credits for their service.

This is an amazing opportunity to network with people all over the world and gain leadership experience that you can put on a resume/vita!



Volunteer Internship Opportunity: Global Interactions, Inc.


14 West Cheryl Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85021
Phone: 602/906-8886 FAX: 602/906-8887
E-Mail: info@globalinteractions.org

Global Interactions, a Phoenix-based non-profit with 26 years of experience in international
work focused primarily in China is seeking interns for a immediate work on a variety of

The internships are non-salaried, however a successful intern, completing the required 500 hours of service is provided the opportunity to travel to China and serve as staff for one of the many projects scheduled in the coming year.

Projects include:
• Opening of the second year of the World Academy for the Future of Women
on Sias International University, Xinzheng, Henan Province (September 2010)
• China-U.S. Conference on Sustainable Workforce in Beijing and Shanghai - (April 2011)
• 5th Annual Women's Symposium on Sias International University, Xinzheng, Henan
Province (May 21-22, 2011)

Ideal candidates for internships include the following responsibility and skills:

* Desire to promote and build international partnerships among individuals and organizations
* Ability to work on-site in a Phoenix based-office 8-40 hours per week. Schedule and hours flexible. Some off-site work, if applicable, can be arranged.
* Excellent written and oral communication skills
* Ability to manage time and produce results in a prescribed and efficient manner
* Skillful with EXCEL, Word, Access, and brochure, flier software programs
* Research and report writing skills
* Website update and design skills desirable

Interested applicants apply immediately
Send resume to info@globalinteractions.org

Apr. 21st, 2010




The University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research Network seeks youth interested in social change to serve as Regional Coordinators.

Regional Coordinators are an integral part of our Global Team. They represent UCP-SARnet in their respective regions and are ambassadors of their region in our global network. The role of a Regional Coordinator is to facilitate collaboration and activities that aid in the actualization of UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in his or her region. Duties include recruiting organizational and individual members of UCP-SARnet, updating the UCP-SARnet website with information on community work taking place in their respective regions, and disseminating information about UCP-SARnet to their local communities.

Candidates for the position of Regional Coordinator must make a commitment to volunteer for UCP-SARnet for at least two years, while Assistant Regional Coordinators commit to serving a shorter term. These two positions are currently unpaid internship roles. In exchange for their service, youth receive a unique opportunity to enhance their networking skills, build professional connections, obtain international recognition of their leadership skills, and receive strong letters of recommendation that will assist them in their future endeavors.

For detailed information on the requirements and benefits of serving as a UCP-SARnet Regional Coordinator, please visit our website and download an application.

Apr. 12th, 2010



Women Making a Difference: 4th Annual Women's Symposium in China

UCP-SARnet is proud to promote Women Making a Difference: 4th Annual Women's Symposium in China.

This conference is intended for both men and women who are interested in promoting and accelerating the advancement of women around the world. Participants will include university students, the first graduating class of the World Academy for the Future of Women, and a variety of international and foreign faculty.

The event will take place at SIAS International University in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China on May 22-23, 2010. Extended travel itineraries are also available.

This is a wonderful opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion about issues of relevance to modern women, as well as learn about Chinese culture.

For more information on this event, please contact Global Interactions, Inc.